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Posted: December 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Since the first time I saw a gleam of beauty that, immediately shook my soul … I can feel the fragrance of love has destroyed the peace of my soul … nothing is passed in anganku besides the beauty of the eyes of love and no sound more melodious than the sound of love …

When looking at your face, as though a thousand words to get out of my mouth, but whatever resources are able to move his lips unable to describe the greatness of love. Flame of love in my heart more and more flared, my habit is now just daydreaming and assemble poems that tell everything about you …

Duhai …. lover when love is deeply embedded in the soul, and from time to time have flourished love dikedalaman heart, I want a sense that only we know … do you know love, no panacea to cure thorn wounds when romance … then respect him who loves you and me who love you.

Duhai sweetheart, you have kuikat as a prisoner of love across the ocean, where no one wujudpun that can hide yourself from my soul …

Through the eyes glow, as if stating our souls do not want to be apart, You are a mate for my soul, the soul is eternal and everlasting love … if the arrow has Menghujam heart and heart-there you will hear our inner voice intoning verses love is decorated by a smile and the cry of longing ….

While our souls feel shy reaching love, tongue felt numb, and no words were spoken from the lips, and there he looked at love from the depths of the soul, .. when we looked at each other, then our soul-word can not hide love from the heart.

In love with the beauty store bitterness, and in each there is bitterness bliss sheath.

A sense of where we can no longer distinguish between day and night, as we are in a heavenly garden is free of space and time …

For his part, is a reflection of my soul, is there anything that can be done from a girl who has captured the fire of love which her heart has been stolen, besides wanting to meet with the heart-thief. A poem-like chant the words singing heavenly and whispered into her ear like a soft breeze, which made him lost in yearning or symphonies like ocean waves wash away their souls in the ark of the endless sea of feelings and grounded ..


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