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  • Those who do not like calling it the responsibility of love
    Those who play with love call it an adventure
    Those who do not have a love call it a dream
    And those who love call it a destiny
    If you do not have love, find love and meet your love
    If you already have a love, take care of him do not let you turn away from your love
    Someone understand others through the heart not through the eyes and brain.
    Sometimes we can overcome a difficult situation just by
    willing to understand others. Because what is most needed by
    a person often just a curiosity that there are other people who
    cares about how he feels and try to understand

    To those who have not found love,
    Love is like
    butterfly, the more you chase it the more he avoided. But if you let
    he flew, then he will toward you when you’re not expecting it.
    can make you happy but often it hurts, but love to be
    so special if you really give it to someone who deserves
    accept it. Still better to wait for the right person, because this life
    too short to pass up with the wrong choice.
    To them
    who have never fallen in love,
    Flowers do not bloom overnight, the city
    Rome was not built in a day
    If you want to run, learn to walk
    If you want to swim, learn to float first
    And if you
    want to be loved, learn to love first.
    Love is the most painful
    is when someone who you love never know how you feel
    against him.
    To those who are broken hearted
    Love is not just
    feeling but a commitment, feelings can come and go just like that.
    Love does not have to end up unhappy because love does not have to end.
    True love to hear what is unspoken.
    Sick, sore and painful
    continue to survive a broken heart for you want it and it will
    slicing wound as deep as you let it. Heart shattered to see someone who
    you love happy with someone else but it will hurt even more
    knowing that someone you love is not happy with you.
    clap their hands
    A sad thing in life is
    when you meet someone and then fall in love with her, and
    then you realize that he is not your soul mate when he turned and
    God knows best for us, and will give us
    cares to test. Through love we feel hurt, so that
    His wisdom can be embedded in the heart. So is the love that is not
    met. There is one reason that is sometimes difficult to understand, but we must
    continue to believe that when God took the love from us, He will give
    To those who are engaged
    Benchmarks for
    adjust to each other is not of how much time you spend
    together, but the good qualities of what you achieve in togetherness
    To those who doubt the wedding
    Love is not a
    find the perfect case for you but what you find
    someone who can make you become

    With Love From Nuance

    The most pathetic in our lives is when we meet someone
    very meaningful to us, only to find out in the end somebody
    are not destined to be with us, so we have a weight
    heart to let go and passed.
    The best friend is a friend which
    when we sit on a swing, without saying one word was there, and when should
    parting with it seemed as if it is a conversation that most
    fun we’ve had together.
    It is true we never
    know what we’ve got until we lose it. But it is true
    also when we do not know what has been missing until it
    approached us.
    Just dream about what we want to dream, go anywhere
    kemampun we want to go, be as someone who we want because we
    only have one life and one chance to be able to
    do all the things we want.
    Put ourselves as
    like others, if we feel there are things we do will hurt
    ourselves, it probably would hurt others too.
    were spoken without any calculation would probably ignite strife, speech
    cruel to destroy life, a wrong word might
    also able to increase one’s inner burden and a loving word
    may be able to heal and give blessings.
    Someone to understand people
    others through the heart not through the eyes and brain.
    Sometimes we can
    overcome a difficult situation just by willing to understand others.
    Because what is most needed by a person often just a
    curiosity that there are other people who care about how he felt and
    trying to understand his position.
    The happiest people are those who
    do not feel always need all the best things, they just think
    how to create all things be best for them, which passed in
    his life.
    Love begins with a smile, then grow with a
    kiss, and ended with tears of sadness.
    When we are born, we
    crying so hard, while the people around us tersebyum
    When we leave the life we have in the party
    smile was so happy while people around us crying.


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